In the month of October, we have the opportunity to recognize people who have made a difference in our lives while at the same time raising money for Kids’ Chance of America. The LinkedIn October Challenge, or “Inspiration Ripple,” is being spearheaded by Claire Muselman of Continental Western Group and sponsored by Franco Signor. 

The idea is simple – post a picture on LinkedIn with (or of) someone who has inspired you in your life and career. Use the hash tag #inspirationripple. Franco Signor will pay $1 for each post to Kids’ Chance of America, up to $5,000.

A little more info from Ms. Muselman is below. I am bringing this to you a few days into October, so some of us will have to start doubling up to make that 31 goal!


The October Challenge, now known as The Inspiration Ripple: 

It is time to INSPIRE!! Elevate, evolve, and pass it on!! Let’s create a ripple…turn it into a wave…and make some serious impact. 

We have all had conference photos (or photos of those who have impacted us or we wouldn’t have taken them…) we meant to share. The time is now, let’s take advantage of it! Let’s make the month of October about inspiring others through their actions…right before the Gratitude/gratefulness challenges being in November. 

Now is the time to take a brief pause to remind others WHY they matter and the impact they make to refresh our purpose. Join me in making good things happen for others: #inspirationripple

Share a photo of someone, a selfie with them, or a picture that reminds you of them. Explain WHY this person matters. Add the hashtag and pass it on!! 

Goal: 31 people will be recognized for their purpose and meaning in your life. 

Take advantage of the scope of your control…elevate, evolve, and pass it on. This will set us all up for a fabulous fourth quarter and a tremendous 2020! 

To make the impact even more powerful, Franco Signor has graciously sponsored this event, donating $1 for each post to Kids Chance of America!

Join me in making good things happen for people during the month of October… and for the kids!


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