4 Replies to “Star Trek and the Wrath of Can’t”

  1. My Utilization Review manta (which I’m working at on a continuous basis) is “if we’re saying no, there needs to be a good reason”. The claims team I work with does a really good job of recognizing instances when we should and do override a UR denial. My parents were both injured workers so I try to ask myself if I’d be comfortable denying a particular modality if they were the patient. While I’m sure there’s room for improvement, I’m constantly working to find the balance between what should and should not be approved.

  2. Grawlix! Your word play was stronger than a tractor beam at pulling me in. (Big surprise, I know.) In spite of your deception, I agree with your points. I have worked on several “exceptions to policy” in order for workers to receive what they need. Rules (and torpedoes) be damned! That is central to the worker centric model and it prevents work disability.

    I have always wondered if Khan’s cryogenic capsule had a tanning lamp. Just saying . . .

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