There are only a limited number of ways that a company can show its support for the workers’ compensation industry at a national level. Supporting Kids’ Chance is certainly one of them. Kids’ Chance, as almost everyone in the industry is aware, is an organization that provides scholarships and educational opportunities for children of workers killed or seriously injured on the job. 

Kids’ Chance consists of 50 state organizations, as well as a national organization to assist in growth and provide developmental support. The organization is supported by hundreds (if not thousands) of volunteers from the workers’ compensation industry, who recognize the importance of the work and who want to give back to an industry that has supported them. 

I’ve been involved with and supported Kids’ Chance for over two decades; back when it was just a loose collection of a few state organizations. It has been, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life. I’ve had the good fortune over the years to meet a number of the “kids” who have been scholarship recipients of Kids’ Chance. I can tell you that they represent a singularly unique group for their generation. Most of them have endured at a very young age more adversity than you or I will see in a lifetime. Life’s hard realities have made them focused and committed to building a better life for themselves and their families. These kids are tough, and thoroughly deserving of an opportunity to exceed and excel. 

Kids’ Chance is the vehicle that can make that happen. And by extension, so are you and your company.

To that end, building community and providing education is a major focus of the national group, Kids’ Chance of America. They hold an annual conference designed to provide training, education, and support for all the Kids’ Chance state operations. Just as importantly, this conference gives volunteers from around the country the chance to share stories and ideas, building off each other’s successes and helping each other grow their particular organization. This yearly gathering is critical in helping the collective group find and help more kids.

Conferences are not inexpensive, and sponsors for the event are crucial in the effort to pay for facilities, materials, and the like. While Kids’ Chance of America has been broadly supported by some of the nation’s best workers’ comp companies (you can see a list of partners here), more help is needed. Specifically, the national conference can use more sponsors to defray their operational costs (you can see their current conference sponsors here). 

This year’s conference is scheduled for April 25th through April 27th in Chicago. If your company is not yet involved, I encourage you to explore the opportunity. You may see the available sponsorship opportunities here. Even better, you can sign up directly here. If you need more information, you may contact me at or fill out the contact form on this site. I will put you in touch with the right people. 

And if you do become a conference sponsor, let me know. I will write effusive praise for you and your company here on my blog – even if I don’t like you. 

Who am I kidding? I like everybody. Almost.

Please consider this opportunity. Kids’ Chance is looking for a few good sponsors. They are looking for you.

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  1. Well said as always Bob. Besides companies who work either directly or indirectly in the workers’ compensation industry, organized labor should support Kids’ Chance. After all, the scholarships are awarded to children of their co-workers who are in many instances also their union brothers and sisters.

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