You may have seen the graphics that have been adorning the end of just about every news or blog article on this site for the past couple months. From Bobs’ Cluttered Desk is approaching another milestone, and since it will be happening during our 20-year anniversary celebration, we thought we’d have a little fun with it.

And now we are getting very close to the event.

Within the next 2-4 weeks (don’t want to give too much away), someone will be the 6,000,000th person to access and read an article in this blog. We wanted to honor that moment. We’ve set up a special tracking system, so that person, whoever they are, will be directed to a special page notifying them that they are reader number 6,000,000 and have won an iPad Pro. The page will have a graphic that looks very much like this:

There are a couple requirements. In order to win, you must be a registered user of our CompNewsNetwork News Center. Registration is free, so there is no cost to participate. You must also be logged in at the time you read my blog in order to qualify. We do this to improve our ability to record the actual winner, and to avoid the possibility that a bot or other scanner might accidentally trigger the winning notification. Most browsers will keep you logged in as long as you visit our news area once every 60 days or so. And we certainly hope you do so more than that.

In the event that a non-registered user hits that 6 million mark, the first registered user after them will be designated as the winner. We have thousands of subscribers, so hopefully one will hit that mark on the nose. And if it is you, you’ll have a brand-new iPad Pro to show for it. We played with the notion of making the prize more personal; you know, me coming to your house, sleeping on your couch and eating all your food, but the lawyers recommended against that.

Silly lawyers. No guts.

It’s exciting to know that the collection of articles residing here have been read almost 6,000,000 times over the last 8 years. I appreciate the support we continue to receive from the workers’ compensation community and look forward to writing for years to come. Unless, of course I run out of things to say.

Now that I think of it, having nothing to say really hasn’t stopped me yet.

So, by all means, if you are a regular reader and have not registered for access to our exclusive content in Featured News and Experts’ View, please do so today. As noted, it is free. We do ask some demographic questions to better meet our audience needs, but the only thing actually required is a name and email address. Any information you choose to provide will remain strictly confidential.

Please visit often and stay logged on. I really hope you will be the winner. I am pulling for you. I mean it. Truly.



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