Well, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, but you wouldn’t know it by reading this blog. Or maybe you would, given the fact that nothing has been posted here in the last couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, the good news is that we got our new company, WorkCompCollege.com, officially launched last week. The bad news is that the launch itself was not without technical issues. We took the virtual campus, which is offering comprehensive training and certification in “Whole Person Recovery Management,” live during a streaming webcast from the SAWCA All Committee Conference last week. The event was at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Co-founders Mark Pew, Don Abrams, and I, in the company of numerous supporters (both on camera and off) waxed poetic about this accomplishment. Unfortunately, it turns out that our audio feed was malfunctioning, and no one could hear us. Our purported brilliance was, alas, lost for the ages.

Not to let a little thing like a colossal technical snafu get us down, we were determined to take advantage of this development to the best of our ability. In other words, life handed us a lemon, so we just made lemonade. Or maybe in this case it is the other way around. That will be up to you to decide.

We enhanced the video recording of the event to create a true “silent movie,” complete with intertitles, or title cards, so that the viewer may now know essentially what was said. True, we took a few abbreviated liberty’s in the interest of brevity, but you’ll get the gist, I’m sure.

So without further ado, I present to you the 7-minute live launch of the WorkCompCollege.com Virtual Campus in silent movie form. Go get the popcorn and enjoy.

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