There was a Hot Seat Webinar scheduled to take place yesterday. It didn’t happen. Except it did. It’s just no one saw it. At least not yet.

Perhaps, as usual, I should start at the beginning.

Our Hot Seat Webinar, Simple Concepts For the Complex Workers’ Compensation World, was scheduled to run at 1:00 PM Eastern yesterday, March 1st. Joining my co-host Judge David Langham and I was Mississippi Commissioner Beth Harkins and Bill Zachry. We had over 200 people registered for the event.

Unfortunately, technical issues with the webinar service we use prevented us from being able to access the room. We did get in briefly – long enough to see that 24 people had also made it in and were already chatting in the comment area. Then, before we were able to even officially open the room for the webinar, we were all ejected from the platform.

The speakers were able to quickly regroup and set up a Zoom call, where we “held the presentation” and recorded the event. It was a great conversation. 

Sorry you missed it.

The webinar will be made available and has been rescheduled for Monday, March 7, 2022, at 1:00 PM EST. It will also be available for replay after that time.

We do apologize yesterday for the confusion surrounding this event. If you were one of the registered, you likely got an email 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time telling you the webinar was about to start. Many also got a text with that message. Then, 10 minutes later, you got an email telling you we were having issues and would need to reschedule. 

Then we were there. And then we weren’t. To make matters worse, automatic emails went out 4 hours later announcing a replay link that does not exist. In retrospect, it was not our finest hour.

Everyone who was registered is still in the system for Monday’s rescheduled time. You may or may not get automatic reminders – we are in uncharted territory here. We will manually notify registrants just in case, so hopefully, we won’t unnecessarily fill your inbox.

We appreciate the loyal audience that has supported the Hot Seat these past three years. We are also highly appreciative of the folks at Safety National, who have sponsored the program over much of that time. Yesterday did not go as planned, but we are working to make sure we get the program to you and back on track.

And if you missed all the fun, you can still register for Monday’s event.

Thanks for understanding.

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