A Note from Bob: Welcome to Kids’ Chance Awareness Week! This week, all across America, Kids’ Chance chapters and their supporters are engaged in activities that will raise awareness of this great cause. However, it is one thing to hear about Kids’ Chance; it is quite another to meet just a few of the people whose lives have been changed by this organization, its supporters and volunteers. Therefore, my blog this week will be dedicated to introducing you to just a few of the “Faces of Kids’ Chance,” so that you can see for yourself the importance of the work Kids’ Chance does. Each day I will introduce you to a couple of our kids who have been given the opportunity of education and have worked hard to better their lives despite the truly tragic incidents that brought them here.

If you do not know what Kids’ Chance is or why you should support it, you can learn about it here.

I am pleased to introduce today’s Faces of Kids’ Chance:


From Pennsylvania Kids’ Chance


Kaden L.

Once I graduate from Frankston High School, I will attend East Texas Baptist University in Marshall to pursue my degree in Athletic Training. I love the idea of a career that keeps me involved with sports and athletes. I will be playing football at ETBU and participating in many community, church, and team oriented events.

I have been looking at attending East Texas Baptist for some time, and knew that being a private university, it would cost more. I signed to play football for them in February and that provided me with a few academic scholarships, but there was still a remainder that I knew my family couldn’t cover.

Since my dad’s oilfield accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, my mom has struggled to keep things close to what they were before. With this scholarship, I can take full advantage of what this fabulous faith-centered university can offer me and I can watch my mom actually take a breath for the first time in almost three years.

I haven’t had the chance to experience college yet, but I know that it is something that I will never forget.

Thank you,

Kaden L.
East Texas Baptist University
Kids’ Chance of Texas Scholarship Recipient

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