A Note from Bob: Welcome to Kids’ Chance Awareness Week! This week, all across America, Kids’ Chance chapters and their supporters are engaged in activities that will raise awareness of this great cause. However, it is one thing to hear about Kids’ Chance; it is quite another to meet just a few of the people whose lives have been changed by this organization, its supporters and volunteers. Therefore, my blog this week will be dedicated to introducing you to just a few of the “Faces of Kids’ Chance,” so that you can see for yourself the importance of the work Kids’ Chance does. Each day I will introduce you to a couple of our kids who have been given the opportunity of education and have worked hard to better their lives despite the truly tragic incidents that brought them here.

If you do not know what Kids’ Chance is or why you should support it, you can learn about it here.

I am pleased to introduce today’s Faces of Kids’ Chance:


Keven P.

Keven P.Words cannot express the extent this scholarship has impacted my college career. You giving this scholarship shows me that everyone should be given the chance to excel in their desired field, and I am grateful for this opportunity to prove myself with this aid. Being able to pursue my passion in the business world is an amazing feeling. This extra boost of confidence is exactly what I need to be able to accomplish my goal of graduating college.

My father passed early in my life and this tragedy has showed me that you have to make the most of everything that life hands you, as our time is limited. With this scholarship from Kids’ Chance, I am able to attend Washington & Jefferson College. And I know that my father would be happy and proud with the dedication I have put forth so far in my education, if he were here today. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

Keven P.
Washington & Jefferson College
Kids’ Chance of Pennsylvania Scholarship Recipient



Christi C.Christi C.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler, I plan to become a nurse. Ideally, I would like to be a trauma nurse and work in the emergency room tending to patients that need urgent or critical care. If I do not decide to work in trauma, I would like to work in a children’s hospital taking care of children with treatable or terminal illnesses.

As a nursing major I take classes geared mostly toward science. Chemistry, Microbiology, Psychology and Anatomy & Physiology are just a few classes I have to take as prerequisites before I apply to nursing school. Once accepted, I will be taking classes that are geared solely toward nursing instruction. These classes will involve hands on experience as well as doing clinicals at the local hospital. As far as activities go, I’ve participated in our on campus events such as Welcome Week and Patriot Days, as well as intramural sports and the on campus ministry.

The Kids’ Chance scholarship that I received has impacted me in the best way possible. Going into my first year of college I was unsure of how I was going to be able to afford paying for my next 3 years, but after getting this scholarship I have much less to worry about. I will be able to use the scholarship money toward my education and feel comfortable knowing that it will decrease my financial burden exponentially. Without the Kid’s Chance scholarship, I would be struggling to pay for my college education but fortunately, this scholarship will help me tremendously!

The best college experiences that I’ve had so far would be making new friends and preparing myself for my future career. I’m excited to be able to learn and take the steps I need to take in order to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse!

Christi C.
University of Texas at Tyler
Kids’ Chance of Texas Scholarship Recipient


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