I am heading home from Las Vegas after the National Workers’ Compensation Conference, and had an interesting experience on the leg into Houston. In honor of Veterans Day, a flight attendant made a long dedication to current and former veterans, and as part of her presentation, asked that all passengers remain seated when we arrive at the gate in order to allow all veterans to deplane first.
Now, I honestly did not think this would go well. I have been on flights that are arriving late, with passengers that have mere minutes for connections. Despite numerous pleas to have everyone remain seated and let those with close connections off first, it never happens. As soon as that seat belt light rings off the aisle is crammed like a black Friday Walmart line. The hapless "connectees" (of which I have been one) are left to fend for themselves, clawing their way forward like refugees trying to catch the last plane out of Saigon.
This time, for veterans, was different. And impressive. The plane stopped. The light went off. No one moved. Slowly the veterans started to rise, gathered their things and moved off the plane. Young and old, some with spouses in tow; No one got in their way.
Even John D’Alusio, sitting several rows in front of me, and who Vegas oddsmakers would have charging off the plane like it was on fire, remained seated throughout. 
It was an impressive and respectful display by all. It reminded me that these people have earned that respect, and I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank all Veterans for their time and commitment.  
Happy Veterans Day.
(and thanks to John D’Alusio for allowing my good natured barb. I had to get permission. He scares me)

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