An interesting topic has been posted on our LinkedIn Discussion Group, the Workers' Compensation Roundtable, by Becki Shafer of Amaxx Risk Solutions. She has posted a thread entitled “Tell Us About the Best Job You Have Ever Had. (in this field)”.

I think it is a great topic, and wanted to share it with you here. I would encourage you to visit (or join) the Roundtable and share your story with us. For those who are not aware of it, the Roundtable is the second largest workers' comp group on LinkedIn, with over 2,800 members. It is supported with some key sub groups; WCLaw Talk by NWCDN, Workers' Compensation Technology Alliance, and Workers’ Compference – The Workers’ Comp Education Discussion Center.

Personally, the position I am in today is the best job I've ever had – in ANY field. I get to deal with a complete cross section of the industry, and every single day provides a new learning experience. It allows for a fairly open degree of creativity (or lack thereof), and we are unencumbered with traditional corporate decision making processes (The joke around the office is I can reach a boneheaded decision much faster than my counterparts elsewhere). I am in a fairly unique spot, and consider myself damn lucky to be here.

Visit the Roundtable today. Share your story. What is the best WC job you've ever had?

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