As March approaches, the anticipation for the 40th Annual WCRI Issues & Research Conference is building among professionals in the workers’ compensation field. Scheduled for March 5-6, 2024, in Boston, MA, this event promises once again to be a cornerstone for those seeking to understand and navigate the complexities within our workers’ compensation systems.

And I am once again looking forward to attending and writing about this seminal event. Plus, for no extra charge, I’ll probably tell you what to think about it. If you would rather go yourself, I completely understand. The information might be more accurate that way. But I wouldn’t dawdle. The organizers tell me that they are near capacity and will be selling out soon. 

The WCRI Conference always stands out for its commitment to presenting original research and fostering discussions that are deeply rooted in evidence and data. Attendees can expect a two-day program filled with presentations on the latest findings from the people who conduct research in our industry like no one else can.

The conference is renowned for drawing upon a diverse array of perspectives, including policymakers, employers, labor advocates, insurance executives, health care organizations, claims managers, and researchers.

The full agenda is available on the event website, and as always, it promises to be highly informative of trends in the industry. Some of the highlighted sessions include:

  • Comorbidities and the Functional Recovery of Low Back Patients: An exploration of how additional health issues can impact the recovery and treatment of workers with back injuries.
  • Impact of Vertical Integration on the Utilization of Care: An analysis of how the consolidation of healthcare providers and payers affects care delivery
  • Medical Inflation in Workers’ Compensation: A discussion on the trends and drivers of medical costs within the workers’ compensation space
  • State of States: Selected Findings: A comparative look at workers’ compensation systems across different states

The Keynote speaker for the event is noted Harvard economist Professor David Cutler, who will talk about the recent transformations of the healthcare system.

The conference is not only a platform for learning but also an excellent opportunity for networking. With over 100 organizations represented, attendees will be able to connect with a wide range of professionals and stakeholders in the field.

The event also includes a special inaugural WCRI Member-Only Reception at the Boston Public Library, providing a unique setting for attendees to mingle and exchange ideas.

The WCRI Conference is designed for anyone working to improve workers’ compensation systems or managing a changing environment. This includes, but is not limited to, policymakers, employers, labor advocates, insurance executives, health care organizations, claims managers, and researchers. This conference appears to be another insightful and invaluable event for professionals in the workers’ compensation community. With a focus on original research and a diverse range of topics, the conference is poised to provide attendees with new insights, valuable networking contacts, and a better understanding of the key issues facing today’s competitive environment.Hopefully I will see you there. You can get more info here. If not, I’ll be happy to tell you what you missed. Sort of. 

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