There are times when pondering in this blog takes a circuitous route, meandering in thought and occasionally ending up back right where it started. Today is likely one of those days. It is Friday, after all, and there is no better day for a little circular logic. If not circular, it is certainly a “train of thought’ style missive. If we only knew where the train was headed…

I was listening to a national radio program yesterday when an epidemiologist phoned in to the show. Not a fan of the current vaccines being pushed for Covid, he relayed his arguments against having the vaccine, instead insisting, among other points, that the best defense against Covid was a strong vitamin D regimen, and for everyone to “lose 15 or 20 pounds;” telling the audience that obesity had emerged as the single biggest risk factor to serious complications or death from a Covid infection.

He was quite compelling. I don’t mind telling you that I almost dropped my Tootsie Roll.

Then this morning I read a comment on an article that appeared on this site yesterday. In Neither Wishful Thinking Nor Outright Purchase, a blog republished from Gallagher Bassett, the author cites an even earlier article that also appeared on this site related to ergonomics and the frequency of musculoskeletal disorders (getting dizzy yet?). The gist of the article was that, in the midst of the growing trend of a fat and out-of-shape workforce (my words, not theirs), employers need to develop good hiring practices in order to minimize the risk of MSD issues. The comment that was made, from a fellow named Dave, was intended to support the idea that getting in shape is as easy as taking a brisk walk every day. It said:

Walk to the end of your street. Tomorrow do the same but add 100 steps. Do that daily, and after a week add another 100 steps. Before long you will be matching my 5 mile per day average. You will feel better, you’ll have more energy, and you will likely meet a great many of your neighbors. But, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

This reminded me of a joke, where a man who was out of shape and having trouble with intimate relations with his wife visited the doctor for help. The doctor advised him to walk 5 miles a day for 30 days to improve his health and stamina. The man agreed, and 30 days later called the doctor. He said, “Doc, you were right! I’ve been walking 5 miles a day for the last 30 days. I’ve lost 40 pounds and I feel terrific!” The doctor said, “That’s wonderful! And has your sex life improved?” To which the man replied, “How the hell would I know? I’m 150 miles from home!”

It is pretty obvious at this point that my train of thought has been derailed somewhere along the line. No matter, we’ve come this far and still have to go for the big finish:

It is clear, no matter where you stand on Covid and vaccines, that being in good physical shape and maintaining a proper nutritional regimen is the best defense against serious Covid complications. On this point the epidemiologist on the radio was correct, the stats are straightforward when it comes to risks for serious complications or death from the virus. Hopefully, that is one thing almost everyone could agree on. The best defense may indeed be a good offense, so we should all get cracking. Or walking. Whichever. Just leave the Tootsie Rolls on the shelf, and don’t forget to turn back midway through that morning jaunt.

And to Dave, who is likely in Alaska by now, thanks for the tip. Now phone home to tell the fam you’re ok.

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