There has been discussion of late about preparing for and managing the generational shift in the workers’ compensation workforce. There is no doubt we have a looming loss of institutional knowledge on the road ahead. The industry is on average staffed by people who are on the backside of their careers and looking at retirement in the relatively near future. As we look around the room to see who will take our place, we discover we have not done a stellar job of attracting young talent to step in and take up where we intend to leave off. 

Most of you, that is. I will likely never retire, and instead intend to die at my desk, mouse in hand. That is less the result of determined commitment and more attributable to poor life planning. But I digress…

The Transitions, a multi-generational group assembled this year to discuss the topic in a series of webinars, has done a good job of breaking down the issues regarding the challenges of attracting a younger workforce and keeping them engaged in the industry. Next week they will be taking on a topic that has not really been discussed but is as important as attracting a quality workforce. It is the topic of “Reimagining Marketing Methods,” and it will look at how the industry will need to pivot from ways of the past to reach customers of the future.

It is a very important topic, as the changes we have seen in the past decade or two alone will continue to accelerate. If you don’t believe me, try finding a new service provider in the Yellow Pages these days. For that matter, try finding a copy of the Yellow Pages these days. And if you happen to still have and use a copy of the Yellow Pages, congratulations and best of luck on your upcoming retirement.

Our own Tammy Boyd is on the panel and will be presenting in the webinar. As VP of Digital Strategy and Business Development for our company, she is well-positioned to talk about the ever-increasing influence of social media and other electronic mediums. There is no doubt that understanding the shifts in marketing strategy will be critical for the industry. While we are worried about attracting a new workforce, our customer base will be doing the same, which means decision-makers will soon be of a new generation. And they will have a different way of finding the services they need. 

The webinar will be moderated by Melissa Coleman, and Tammy will appear with fellow panelists Kristen Chavez and Chrissy Gaul. The webinar will be held on July 29, 2021, at 3:00 PM Eastern. You may learn more about it and register for it here.

And you can only register online. There won’t be a link in those Yellow Pages. I know. I already looked.

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