We just opened registration for the 10th episode of our webinar series, The Hot Seat. This one, as previous Hot Seat webinars this year, will focus on a topic identified as an “Imperative Issue” at the 2016 Workers Comp Summit meetings, also known as the National Conversation. This time we will be discussing adversarial workers’ compensation systems; why some states have more friction than others, what that adversarial nature costs the industry and what we might be able to do to ease the contentious nature of the industry. Guests joining co-host Judge David Langham and myself will be Virginia Commissioner Wes Marshall and Alabama attorney Mike Fish.

All of The Hot Seat’s this year are sponsored by Safety National.

Marshall was appointed to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission in 2012 and was its Chairman for several years. Prior to his appointment, he was an attorney in private practice, primarily representing plaintiffs in workers’ compensation, employment and other civil litigation. Fish is a defense attorney from Birmingham. He is a partner in the law firm Fish, Nelson & Holden, LLC. He is also a very active member and past president of the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network

Both men have broad knowledge of the workers’ compensation system, and they both have great senses of humor (I recognize we aren’t giving them a topic that lends itself to levity, but it still helps!). I am really looking forward to this episode.

Adversarial Workers’ Compensation Systems; Survival and Success in a Contentious World, will be webcast live on September 19, 2019 at 1PM EDT. As always, registration is free. In a first for The Hot Seat, we will be issuing a Certificate of Completion to all who watch the full webinar. It will outline the pertinent educational points covered, so that attendees will have the option to request CE credits from their specific boards or panels.

You may register here. We will see you in The Hot Seat. 

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