As we posted last week, the 2019 Kids’ Chance National Conference was a tremendous success. This week we want to share a quick video and a new gallery of photographs from the event. 

The closing dinner for the conference was held at the Florida Studio Theatre, a two-block complex of 6 theatres in downtown Sarasota. Our group contracted to have dinner and a show in the Goldstein Caberet on Saturday, May 4th. Entertainment was provided by the FST Improv Players. The show was witty and entertaining, but the closing act really lit up the audience of Kids’ Chance volunteers from all across the country. For this improv bit, they called a member of the audience on to the stage. The person called up was Kids’ Chance of Florida’s Vice President, Linda Vendette.

They put Linda in a chair, and asked her several questions about her life. She did not know it, but her answers were to be converted into an improvisational song. (We are explaining some of the elements so you better understand what you hear in the video below). She spoke about her husband Tim, her executive assistant at The Zenith Insurance, Sarah (who is “awesome”), and she mentioned me (who is “funny” and “knows everyone in the room”). When asked if she had a slogan or statement she lived by, she paused to think about it, while someone in the audience shouted out the Kids’ Chance mantra, “More Money For More Kids.” 

And with that, the Kids’ Chance Musical was born, and the audience ate it up. These actors are improvisational artists – and a couple are clearly not singers, but it was a perfect way to end a great evening and better conference.

Photographer Josee Woble made this recording (the very beginning is truncated as no one knew what was coming), and generously made it available to us. She also provided over 100 photos from the conference, whiich are now available in a photo gallery on the Kids’ Chance of Florida website.

More Money for More Kids – The Kids’ Chance Improv Musical from on Vimeo.

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