I realize it is only Wednesday, but it certainly feels like the end to a long yet productive week. I arrived in Orlando last Friday evening for the 73rdAnnual Workers Compensation Institute Conference, and will finally be returning home today. The conference did not officially kick off until Monday, but WCI ensures that there is plenty to do here over that initial weekend.

On Saturday morning, over 1,100 workers’ compensation professionals descended on the Give Kids The World Village (GKTW) here in Orlando for the 5thannual WCI Service Day. GKTW is an incredible not for profit location that hosts seriously ill children and their families for the Orlando dream of a lifetime. The WCI army that assembled and went there worked for several hours in the hot Florida sun painting, repairing, updating and cleaning fences, landscape, signs, gutters, buildings and more. You name it, someone from WCI improved it that morning. GKTW estimated that an incredible two years’ worth of projects were completed that humid morning, and WCI announced that $100,000 was raised by sponsors supporting that event.

I am proud that my company was one of those sponsors, and that some of my employees and I were volunteers for the day. At a related gala that evening, WCI raised another $75,000 for GKTW. You’ll never read about this in ProPublica, so I figured I would make sure it got mentioned here.

On Sunday I had two terrific meetings related to Kids’ Chance of Florida. The entire KCFL Board of Directors was on hand, and we had a very productive time improving the foundation of our relatively young organization. KCFL this year gave out 11 scholarships totaling $51,000, and thanks to the generosity of people and groups within the workers’ compensation industry, we could have doubled that number if the kids out there in need knew of the opportunity. Our focus here this week was to build awareness of that fact, and was one reason that we had 46 volunteers registered to also work at the Give Kids the World Service Day.

You’ll never read about that in ProPublica, either. 

And on Monday, we were off and running. There were 9,000 people here this year, and 575 speakers in almost 200 sessions; literally something for everyone. I was honored to join The Zenith’s Linda Vendette in the presentation of two KCFL scholarships during the opening general session (WCI is a partner and major supporter of Kids’ Chance of Florida). I also for the first time had the extreme pleasure of speaking with my friend and fellow blogger Mark “RxProfessor” Pew. Mark and I spoke to the Judicial College about improving outcomes through better communication within our industry. My final presentation was Tuesday, when Dollar Tree’s Audrey Allsop, Texas Attorney Bobby Stokes and I discussed challenges and strategies related to workplace violence. 

Sprinkle into that mix meetings, receptions and catching up with old friends, and this has been a very full week indeed. I’ve run out of steam, but it was all worth the effort. 

And if only Wednesday was the “new Friday,” I’d be all set.

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