I returned home to Florida last evening after a few days visiting family in New Mexico and Colorado, only to find that the extreme cold gripping the nation has found its way deep in to the Sunshine State. As I sit here basking in the glow of electric heat pump generated warmth (I’d build a fire, but have to go to work soon), I listen to the steady drum of raindrops on a cold and dreary 49-degree morning.

And I realize that I still have great weather when compared to much of the nation.

Forecasters say that the next few days will produce snow and ice from as far south as Jacksonville, Florida all the way to Maine. Looks like many of you are going to be snowed in and homebound in the latter part of the week. You might as well register for Friday’s Hot Seat Webinar. I am pretty sure you will find it toasty warm in there.

Co-host Judge David Langham and I will take up the topic of bad actors in workers’ comp with two dynamic guests, Texas defense attorney Stuart Colburn and California applicant attorney Robert Rassp. The program, titled “Violating Trust: Ethical Conundrums in Workers’ Compensation,” will take a frank and open look at the potential conflicts of interest in the world of claim management, and will discuss ways that bad actors abuse injured workers and their employers. 

This second episode of The Hot Seat will be at 12:00 Eastern on Friday, January 5th, and is sponsored by Sharpline Allocations, a Medicare Compliance company. Even if you cannot attend at that time, we encourage you to register here, as we will send out a link for post-production viewing immediately following the live event.

So, this Friday, bundle up, settle in and take a spot for The Hot Seat. We will do our best to provide some warmth in what will otherwise be a bitterly cold and dreary day. No need to thank us – it’s just what we do.

See you Friday.

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