We’ve been preparing this week to launch the 2nd Annual Best Blogs Contest, designed to find the most informative and entertaining blogs in the workers’ compensation industry. The judges have (almost all) been confirmed, the Best Blogs logo has been given an updated look, and we are preparing our systems to receive nominations. You will be able to nominate your favorite blogs starting on March 1, 2017.

We did not know what to expect last year when we ran the program for the first time. Overall, it was a very strong success. We received almost 300 nominations for over 60 blogs. When it was over, 22 had been selected as the “Best Blogs” for the workers’ compensation industry.

Last year, I wrote about the contest the day after we announced the winners. While I was very pleased with the outcome of the effort, I noted that some very good blogs were omitted simply because they were never nominated. I think that is unfortunate, and that there is unrecognized talent out there as a result. I encourage you to please nominate blogs that you enjoy this year. Some bloggers were more engaged than others in the process last year, encouraging readers to nominate. A few (well, one) engaged in truly outlandish behavior to gain nominations. Some bloggers never made the attempt, or were unaware of the program. Do not assume someone else will nominate a blog you like; others may assume the same as well, and the writer will not get the potential recognition they deserve.

We are excited to get this year’s program underway. It coincides with a complete redesign of our website, which will start with our News Center on March 8th. We are really planning on gussying up the joint. Lots of things are happening here. We are happy the Best Blogs program is one of them.

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