I was asked to speak this past Tuesday to the Judicial College at WCI in Orlando. The college is an educational program produced by the National Association of Workers’ Compensation Judiciary. I was honored to be their Tuesday Luncheon Speaker last year. This year they asked me to fill in that spot again after David Depaolo’s tragic loss last month. 

This was a difficult spot to fill in that I had just spoken to them the year prior, and taking David’s place was a fresh reminder of what we’ve lost as an industry. I wanted to leave a positive message about the industry, while honoring the man originally scheduled to speak at the event.

I intended to keep my remarks short and to the point. The 15 minute recording below was created using my iPad, and is not a perfect recording. You will hear me commenting with Michael Alvey, outgoing NAWCJ President, during my introduction, and there are a couple brief gaps in the presentation itself. I also make a reference to a “promotion” for Judge David Langham whose origin was a mis-identified title for him given during a Moot Court competition (if I didn’t explain that you would have no idea what I was talking about).

I wanted to share it as I hope it is an important message for a broader audience. The picture below shows the PowerPoint slide that was on the screen behind me. I comment on it during the presentation, so include it here so that you can better understand my remarks.

If you have trouble with the embedded audio (it may not play properly or will truncate in some browsers), you may download the MP3 file here.


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