A police officer from Newton, New Jersey pled guilty this week to charges that he repeatedly exposed his genitals during traffic stops. He was accused of exposing his genitals to young men  he had pulled over for traffic violations, and then letting them leave without issuing tickets or summonses. He was a 14 year veteran of the force, but the incidents apparently started occurring in March of 2014.

Surprisingly, there was no official complaint against the officer. Instead, police were tipped off anonymously that this was occurring The Newton Police suspended the officer without pay pending an investigation. That investigation was aided by the fact that the officer never turned off his dashcam, and his actions were recorded for the world to see.

He was kind of the towns sprig Newton, I suppose. Talk about an unwanted invitation to the policeman’s ball. I’ve heard of being let off with a warning, but that would be ridiculous.

How did these interactions possibly play out? “I pulled you over because this old jalopy was going 20 miles over the limit. and speaking of junk, I’d like to show you mine.” I suppose that people whizzing by the traffic stop thought nothing of a cop dropping trou by an open car window. It’s New Jersey, after all. Best not to ask too many pesky questions. 

You have to wonder what could happen to a 14 year police veteran to make them start acting in such a fashion. Something has to be terribly wrong. Too bad he couldn’t finagle himself one of those fancy disability stress claims before the long arm of the law came down on his shorts. Heck, in New Jersey cops have been paid lifetime disability for accidentally stapling their finger; it’s not too far a stretch there for that type of claim. 

That doesn’t even account for all the potential PTSD cases slowly rolling around the Newton streets in the form of young men who got far too close to the law. 

The policeman appeared in Sussex County Superior Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. He also was charged with two counts of official misconduct, one count of a pattern of official misconduct, and one count of lewdness. 

Hands down, this was probably the most effective scared straight program the city ever had.Still, all things considered, had it been me I would have rather received the ticket.


Source: http://www.my9nj.com/story/29325446/nj-cop-pleads-guilty-in-dashcam-unzipping

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