Last Thursday the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) released the IAIABC Spring Journal. It is a peer review publication featuring 185 pages of analysis, opinion and review for the workers’ compensation industry.

I have a personal connection to this particular issue, as it contains two articles I authored as part of a “look toward the future” for the workers’ compensation industry. Industry legend John Burton and I were asked to each write a paper reflecting our individual views of what workers’ comp needed to do to remain viable for its second 100 years. I wrote “The Case for Workers’ Recovery”, and Dr. Burton authored “Should There Be a 21st Century National Commission on State Workers’ Compensation Laws?”. We then reviewed each others work, and wrote a counterpoint article debating the others views. The four articles are featured in this edition of the Journal. Personally speaking it was an extraordinary opportunity and a terrific experience. 

The four article series was pre-released by the IAIABC late last fall, but the entire Journal is now available. Members of the organization may download it free. The cost is $35 for non-members. I would encourage you to get it, as it contains excellent work by numerous authors.

You may access the Journal here:

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