It’s Friday, the holidays are approaching, and no one in workers’ compensation is really paying attention to anything terribly important. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for my blog. Besides, I could tell you about this next week, but you would have missed it. And I would hate to have that happen.

And since website traffic drops off the rails as Christmas approaches, statistically you won’t be here anyway.

So, here it is; tomorrow, December 13, 2014, is 12/13/14 in the Gregorian Month-Day-Year organizational structure. This is the last time we will see a sequential date structure in this manner until January 2, 2103.

And most of us won’t be around to see that one. Some of your open claims likely will be, but you won’t, so you’ll want to pay attention to this.

Unless you live in Europe, or just about any other land not considered part of the United States. For you the date will be 13/12/14, which is frankly just wrong and of no use to anyone. So just go on about your business doing whatever you normally do in the place you normally do it. Nothing to see here.

I am not sure if there are any pending celebrations of this momentous occasion, but you can probably check a local activities calendar to see what festivities are in order in your specific area. The date you want to check will be 12/13/14, in case you missed that point earlier in the article. If no local celebrations are on the docket, I have some useful suggestions to help you mark the day.

First, write a check. That will give you the opportunity to write the date down, creating a memento of this unique day. You will want to make sure that the check is properly recorded for posterity, and I have you covered there as well. Make it out to Robert Wilson, and mail it to PO Box 2432, Sarasota, FL 34230. We have set up a 12/13/14 Memorial Deposit Slip to record the significance of the day. Your effort will be categorized in this effort accordingly.

Another idea is to buy a house or car tomorrow. By the end of that process you will have signed and dated so many documents you will probably rue the day, well, that was 12/13/14.

Writing a check seems much easier, really.

I encourage you to be a part of history. If only the Franklin Mint hadn’t completely whiffed the opportunity to mark the day.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, have a safe and happy 12/13/14. Don’t drink and drive. Look both ways before crossing the street. Never accept candy from a stranger. Stop that or you’ll go blind. Don’t go swimming for 20 minutes after eating. If you cross your eyes they’ll stay that way. Don’t run with scissors. But have fun. After all, tomorrow is not just another day.

I’ll see you again on 12/15/14, but it just won't seem the same.

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