Well, the holiday season is officially upon us. The decorations are coming out, turkeys are being administered last rights, and by the end of this weekend some retail employee somewhere will have been trampled to death by an idiot mob in pursuit of cheap televisions. Ah, the holidays…..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, most of us are preparing for a four day weekend, which will largely consist of stuffing ourselves to the gills and then sleeping it off over the next 3 days. We’ll be happy to get back to work after that. Lets face it. Most of us are no good on our own.

Earlier this week our media department was in search of a turkey; although in this instance it was not an edible version of the world's least attractive bird. No, we were searching for a turkey graphic to use in today’s newsletter to accompany a traditional holiday message. I mentioned to my wife that we were searching for the “perfect turkey”. She suggested we use a photograph of me.

Funny wife.

Thanksgiving will be fairly quiet for us this year. We will only have four people at the house for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Still, we somehow managed to acquire a 23 pound bird for the feast. It’s a good thing we are having a new upright freezer delivered this week. We are going to have a meal or two left over. And of course, we’ll have to be up at 6 AM to stuff that damn bird in the oven.

I recognize that this is a loosely assembled, somewhat rambling and meaningless post. It is probably best left that way. A couple years ago I wrote what was intended as a motivational Thanksgiving message for the industry, and was lambasted by an angry injured worker accusing us of leaving her intentionally destitute and inviting me over for a can of hash for the holiday. She called me “seriously delusional or outright evil” in her post.

Thank God in the face of abject poverty these people manage to maintain access to their high speed internet connections. Otherwise they could not share with all of us how they have lost everything, except of course, their high speed internet connection. And a computer, they would have to have that as well; although truth be told a couple angry posters to my blog use cellular networks to leave their comments, so they apparently also saved their smartphones.

Thank goodness for all that free technology stuff. Another thing to be thankful for.

So it seems most of us have spent the week searching for the perfect turkey, whether real or graphical in nature. For those who have not yet accomplished that task, your search is over. It appears this blog post will suffice.

Regardless, I sincerely wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We'll talk again next week.

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