I am headed to Chicago this morning to attend the American Bar Association Mid Winter Workers’ Compensation Conference at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. It appears this year that the words “Chicago” and “Mid Winter” should be taken quite seriously. It apparently snowed half a foot there yesterday and is a whopping 16 degrees this morning. This New Jersey born Colorado native turned Florida lover is struggling with the concept of cold that he is about to experience. I had to break out a rarely used, coffee stained, 25 year old trench coat just so I could have a chance to survive the experience. I’ve been in Florida for 30 years – it was amazing I still have something to wear for weather like that. Nevertheless, duty calls, and I look forward to both the sessions and camaraderie these conferences provide.

Tonight I will participate in a Chicago Pub Crawl being held in conjunction with the conference that will raise funds for Kids’ Chance. I’ve written previously about that organization and the great work they do. It should be a fun time, but we’ll certainly hope the sidewalks are clear and hazard free.There is nothing worse than a gaggle of drinking lawyers and one blogger on ice. While that may sound like one terrific Ice Capades program, it isn’t pretty on the street. 

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to join us, bring $25 for the charity and meet us in the lobby of the Conrad Hotel at 8PM. And bring enough extra cash to buy me drinks.

I will write about this conference, or what I can remember of it after the pub crawl, in the very near future. 

I have not been writing as much as I would like in recent weeks. I have been very busy with a writing project that has, ironically, prevented me from writing for the blog. That project will be wrapped up shortly, and I look forward to discussing it here in the near future. In the meantime I sit waiting for my flight, simply writing for writings sake. 

That is the kind of professional I am. Or maybe that should be “kind of professional”, as in “sort of”. Whichever.

All should return to normal next week, at least once I have thawed out. Meanwhile, for some of you, I will see you in Chicago shortly. I will be the grumpy fat guy in the oversized Columbo coat….


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