It could have been so much worse. 90 workers were toiling in the facility when it happened. The poorly ventilated building experienced a build up of explosive gas, which combusted unexpectedly. No one is sure why, but they believe one of the workers touched off a static discharge, causing the conflagration. 

The building was damaged, with parts of the roof taking the brunt of the blast. Fortunately, no one was killed, and only one worker was injured. She was treated at the scene.

This was no ordinary workplace accident. This was a self-generated crisis, and for the workers in that building, it was the day the earth moooooved. The workers, you see, were cows; flatulent cows actually, sheltered in a barn in Germany. The gas they set off was methane of their own making. Why this methane was touched off no one is sure, and it appears the cows aren't talking. 

For supervisors who are convinced their employees spend their time farting the day away, this is definitive proof that it not only can happen, it can be downright dangerous. 

I am not sure who in Germany investigates this particular brand of workplace incident. One thing I can assure, knowing what I do about the German comp system; that injured cow is going back to work. Guaranteed. It is ingrained in their culture.

The ironic thing about this is that it could have caused an unfortunate chain of events. Having a giant fart powered fireball surging through the shop would likely get the bovine adrenaline pumping, and lead to the rapid production of more methane, if you catch my drift. This, of course, could lead to secondary explosions and more carnage across the board. Thank goodness that did not happen here. Those cows don’t know how lucky they are.

They may even have stumbled across innovative new ideas and creative new products. Think about the possibilities. Pre-cooked beef. Self-pasteurized milk. And talk about a wind farm; if this doesn’t qualify as one I don’t know what would. Properly channeled, they could likely take this farm off the grid and become energy independent.

Yes sir, we are on to something here. It’s what can happen when you take the lemon of a workplace accident and decide to make lemonade. So to speak. Let us learn from this near tragedy and capitalize on its potential. There is more than one way to be fired up by flatulence.

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