LexisNexis has issued their “Top Workers' Compensation Blogs” award for 2013, and for the third year in a row, this blog is honored to be among them. It was one of 4 listed in the National Blogs category, along with Roberto Ceniceros , Thomas A. Robinson, JD, and Lynch Ryan's Workers Comp Insider.

As in years past, I suspect this was a typo. But I'm taking it nonetheless.

It really is a tremendous honor to be included in this group. This year's selection is a bit smaller than in past years. Previously the LexisNexis award was issued as the “Top 25” Blogs in workers' comp, but this year there are only 18 on the list. This can only mean one of two things. Either those of us on the list are getting better, or the other bloggers got real jobs this year.

And since LexisNexis leads off their description of my blog referencing an article titled “Filing for Workers' Constipation”, I suspect it is the latter.

My own misguided ramblings aside, it really is a strong collection, and I suggest you give the offerings a perusal. You can find that list here. Two of the bloggers selected, Rebecca Shafer and John Geaney, regularly have their work published right here on the WorkersCompensation.com Blogwire. I suppose it would be fair to say that you'll find more top bloggers here than anywhere else.

And me, of course.

At any rate, I am highly appreciative for the designation LexisNexis has bestowed upon me. As in years past, I will unfortunately have to leverage this new found fame and honor by once again doubling the subscription price of my blog. I am sorry, but henceforth it will cost you double what you had to pay last year to access my inner thoughts and feelings. That amount of course was double the year prior for the same obvious reasons. But not to worry; the multiplication variable consistently set at $0 means it remains an exceptional bargain.

I am told I am worth every penny.

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