Editors Note: The following is a first ever “Guest Editorial” for “Bob’s Cluttered Desk”, and is in direct response to his recent article “Basic Rules for Marital Bliss When Dealing with Boblivious Behavior

To those of you who think Boblivion sounds like a blissful place to live, let me introduce myself. I live with Bob’s cluttered desk, Bob’s cluttered car, Bob’s cluttered workbench, and Bob’s cluttered garage. That’s right, I’m Bob’s flustered wife. And I am here to weigh in on all those lofty thoughts he claims as excuses for failing to be more domestically astute.

Apparently there is just so much room in Bob’s cluttered brain, and therefore mundane information such as how to fold laundry or make a bed must be jettisoned lest it choke out the more abundant yet fragile “brilliant thoughts” before they can come to fruition.

Bob has a whimsical little sign over his office door that reads, “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.” Now this makes me think of Einstein, who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, over the course of our marriage I have repeatedly ( and of course, lovingly)  given Bob plenty of constructive direction on how to best do certain things. Apparently, love is not all that is blind.  Just where are all these lofty thoughts that prevent him from recognizing the precipice of whackadoodledum? Are they floating somewhere out of reach? Can he not retrieve them when the need arises to explain some egregious domestic error?

As for his plan to achieve marital bliss through strategic incompetence, I have a better solution. If he can’t do it right, I shall just have to spend his hard earned money paying someone who can. That’s right, the real key to domestic bliss is a maid!

And for those of you who choose to reside in Boblivion, remember, behind every “visionary” is a frustrated multitasker, trying to make sure everything gets done (right).


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