Just when we thought the Meningitis scare couldn't get any worse, Florida's Governor Rick Scott proves otherwise. A steroid used to treat back pain has been discovered to have been contaminated with fungal meningitis, causing a nationwide panic among those who administered and received the shots. As many as 13,000 people have been exposed. The latest count tells us 138 people have contracted meningitis and 12 have died so far across the country.

Then yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott during a press conference gave out a toll free number that was supposed to be a help line for those who wanted more information on the meningitis scare. Instead, the Guv apparently messed up the number, and ended up providing the number to a live sex hotline instead.


Apparently when callers dialed the number he provided, they got a female voice saying, “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary.” The young woman then instructs “existing callers” to press one. I am not sure what number the meningitis people were supposed to push.

The correct number, by the way, is 866-523-7339. Scott was off by apparently one number. Close, but in the world of telephony, no cigar.

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