I just downloaded the official App for the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference scheduled for November 7-9 in Las Vegas. Looking it over I can't help but think how much has changed over the last decade or so.

The app, which is free, appears to be fairly robust, offering comprehensive schedules, speaker bios, maps and exhibitor info. Users can manage their conference contacts, email notes or session info – even tweet directly from the app.

In all my life I thought I would never write a sentence that includes the phrase “even tweet directly from the app”. But I did, and here we are today.

For me the search feature is the most powerful part of the app. If I want to know when and where a particular person is speaking, a few keystrokes giving part of their name gives me everything I need. Finding where exhibitors are will be a snap with this, and I don't need to carry a large and unwieldy map. The program listing by category and interest is also a very nice addition.

I imagine it will be quite useful for the conference organizers, as it gives them a direct way to communicate news and updates during the days of the event.

iPhone users can get the app free at the App Store by searching NWCDC 2012. Android users can get it by going wherever Android users go to get their stuff. (I'm an Apple guy, what can I say?)

If you have not yet registered for the conference, you may do so at www.wcconference.com. You can tell them “Bob sent you” by entering promo code WILSON12. That code will also drop $320 off the price. No need to thank me. Just buy me a drink at the conference and we'll call it even.

I'll need those drinks. I am on a panel at the conference entitled “Front and Center: Bloggers Speak Out on the State of Workers' Compensation”. The panel is moderated by Mark Walls, Safety National's VP of Claims, Founder of the LinkedIn Work Comp Analysis Group, 3 Time Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion and all around good guy. It features, in addition to me, fellow bloggers Rebecca Shafer, Joe Paduda, Peter Rousmaniere and David Depaolo. Of course, if you had the app, you would already know this.

By the time we are all done jockeying for position and attempting to out pundit one another, I am going to need those drinks. Perhaps I should have them before the session. I'll think about that.

At any rate, I hope to see you there. Remember:

    1. Register at WCConference.com
    2. Use PROMO CODE WILSON12 – saving you money and earning me a drink
    3. Get the app
    4. Buy me that drink

Oh yeah, don't forget to make your hotel arrangements. Fortunately you can do that through the app as well.

See you in Las Vegas!

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