Such a deal I have for you. But I'll get to that in a moment.

As I have mentioned before, I am a member of a civic group called Sertoma Club of Greater Sarasota. Our overriding mission is to raise money for people, primarily children, who have speech and hearing disabilities. I am a past President and Chairman of this group, and serve as the chair and MC for one of our annual fundraisers, the Sertoma Sarasota Celebrity Roast.

Our club raises a tremendous amount of money for the causes we support. For almost 30 years we have run a Speech Center that provides much needed therapy to children whose families cannot afford traditional treatment. Our club proposed, funded and staffed the First Sound program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. First Sound is a program that utilizes special equipment to test all newborns for potential hearing loss. In its first decade of service, over 50 infants were referred for early interventional treatment from this program – in fact, it was so successful the state of Florida now mandates these tests for all newborns in the state. This is vital, since statistics show that children who suffer hearing disorders and are not diagnosed and treated by the age of two will have a significantly increased chance of impaired functional and social development. We are working to give these kids a fair chance at mastering simple communication – a basic necessity for a good and decent life.

We also support people with hearing loop systems, computer equipment, software, hearing aids, stipends, scholarships and much more.

Words cannot express the satisfaction this effort brings. I can personally tell you that when, as president of the organization, you receive a hand drawn card from an 8 year old child that has hearing aids drawn on the front and inside says “Thank you for my hearing aids. I love the sounds that I can hear”, you simply could not anticipate the emotion that brings forth.

So why do I tell you all this? Simple. We need your help. Our annual golf tournament is coming up in October, and we seek hole sponsors to help us continue the work we are doing. The struggling economy continues to challenge everybody, and non-profit endeavors are no different. I am reaching out to my broader audience to ask for your consideration. 

Plus, here is the special deal. I’ll sweeten the pot in one small way. 

Our hole sponsorships are $100, with 100% of the funds going to the charitable causes we support. Sponsors get a sign designating their contribution at one of the holes on the course. Additionally, I will publicly extend my gratitude right here in my blog to any person or company who contributes – I’ll even include a link to your website. This is a high traffic site, and the search engines love that stuff….. 

With the dozen(s?) of people who read my blog, it is a veritable bargain that cannot be ignored! 🙂

So if you are at all able, I would appreciate your support for this critical cause. We have set up a special page to submit your sponsorship request here.

Thank you,



The Sponsorship submission page listed utilizes the latest in Secure Encryption Technology to keep your information safe. Information provided there will only be used for its intended purpose, and Privacy Policies are in effect. Credit card payments will be reflected on your statement as Sertoma Club of Greater Sarasota. 

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