A video has surfaced of a Verizon picketer using his little girl as a "human shield" to block a moving Verizon vehicle, while he delivers a profanity laced tirade about the occupants hurting his family. A terrific learning experience, I am sure. The little girl learns that Daddy’s job is more important than her safety, and that Daddy is a potty mouth. But she probably already knew that. What a scumbag.

The video can be viewed here.

I hope this behavior is not representative of the parenting skills of all Verizon union employees. The union had no comment, which is a grievous error in my opinion. If they were smart, they would be at the forefront in condemning this behavior, and emphasizing that the use of children in such tactics is uncalled for. Their silence, on the other hand, rings like a bell of approval that anything goes in this particular labor dispute. I am glad that the use of catapults is illegal in most states. It would get darn ugly out there.

Verizon is currently faced with 45,000 striking workers from two unions, the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. They have been on strike since negotiations broke down over a new 3 year agreement last weekend. I am fairly sure that none of those workers are from the Verizon Call Center, since my experience as a Verizon customer leads me to believe they only have 2 people working in that department. The apparent intelligence of this particular father would qualify him for a job there, however.

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