T'was four days before Christmas, and in western PA,
A Supreme Court Justice toiled, he rendered away,
A decision they had made, on a case just before,
Insurance fraud it was not, but t'was a crime to abhor.

This opinion is like none other you've read,
No legalese, or that fluff that we dread,
It is straight to the point, a piece for its time,
This opinion, you see, was rendered in rhyme.

Across my cluttered desk came this work of art,
I had to share it with you, and share with my heart,
The Supreme Court (Western District) of the State of PA,
Had lifted my spirits and just made my day!

On Baer, on Todd, On Justice McAffery,
You issued your thoughts, and made us all laugh(ery).
The good Justice Saylor and Chief Justice Castille,
Dissented in opinion, it's their right, that's the deal.

I have now just decided, if ever tried for a crime,
In the state of PA is where I'll do my time,
At least I know the courts are sublime,
And any sentence I get, might be given in rhyme.

So for Pennsylvania V Goodson, the verdict is in,
Goodson's crime it turns out, was a now different sin,
But don't take it from me as I stand here and cheer,
We've linked the opinion. You can read it all here.


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