We received a very unique message on our home answering machine yesterday. A very polite sounding lady named Wanda W. (last name redacted) called. She was with MedRisk, a Managed Physical Medicine company. She wanted to know if we were still providing massage services and if we were also seeing workers’ compensation patients.

Thank God she asked about workers’ comp. My wife heard the message first, and without the workers’ comp mention I might have had some serious splainin’ to do.

She left a toll-free number, a reference code and requested a return call for confirmation. I haven’t made the call yet, but I know a few MedRisk folks, some of whom read this blog. If I don’t get around to it, please let Wanda W. know that I am no longer offering massage services. 

And ironic as the entire situation is, we do accept payment from workers’ compensation insurers; just not for massage services. Maybe we should consider it. 

In complete fairness, this is not Wanda’s fault. We moved to a new home in July and were unable to port our old home phone number (yes, we STILL have a landline). We’ve had our new number for just 7 weeks or so. In that time, we have received a couple of “medically oriented” calls, including one offering a variety of PPE. That one was very confusing until the MedRisk call. I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am beginning to suspect our number used to belong to some sort of physical therapy center or other entity offering therapeutic services.

And since I now have their number, it appears they did not accept enough workers’ compensation patients. Or they wisely discarded their landline. Whichever. 

We did find the call somewhat ironic, for as I mentioned, we know people at MedRisk, and they at one time were the Prime Sponsor of the WorkersCompensation.com News Center. And it provided perfect light fodder for a quick Friday post to the blog.

So, Wanda, please accept my apologies. I do accept payment from workers’ compensation insurers, but I am no longer offering massage services – at least not since my wife got your message. 

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