Since one of the topics covered in this blog is technology in the workers’ compensation industry, I have been granted a press pass at the CES2019 in Las Vegas next month. CES, colloquially known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest technology-based conference and exhibit in the world. Last year it was attended by 106,288 people and 69,265 exhibitor personnel. Add in an additional 6,645 members of the media, and the total attendance was an impressive 182,198.  

To put it in perspective for those of us who attend the annual National Conference at Mandalay Bay, CES fills the conference space at eleven locations, including the entire Las Vegas Convention Center. I attended the show in 2017, and for a techno-nerd like myself, it was quite the experience.

As a member of “the media,” I am currently being inundated with email from companies hoping to garner a little publicity about their new and exciting products. Many are from sectors that would not have a broader interest for the audience of this website, but some are. One, however, received last Thursday really stood out to me; not specifically for the product it was promoting, but for the way it was presented and for an offer it included. Here is the body of that email:

Dear Robert,

It may be an issue that’s a bit hard to discuss without cringing or humor, but urinary and fecal incontinence is a problem affects about 87 million men and women in the U.S. alone. That¹s no joking matter! Following the tremendous success of its incontinence products for women, InControl Medical is introducing a new compact, over-the-counter device for both men and women called Attain

Attain applies muscle stimulation via a customizable probe, strengthening the weak pelvic floor muscles that are the underlying cause of incontinence and, at the same time, strengthening the anal sphincter. For so many men and women, ³Attain² will mean ³attain quality of life,² ³attain confidence,² and ³attain control.² FDA clearance for Attain is currently pending.

Find out more about Attain at the 2019 CES at the InControl Medical booth Sands (Halls A-D 43569) in the Health & Wellness section. 

I would be happy to schedule a time for you for a personal demonstration and interview at the booth. Please let me know of your availability.


Now, I’m not sure what type of personal demonstration they have in mind, but my anal sphincter is just fine, thank you. I really don’t care how customizable that probe is, I think this is an offer I could definitely refuse.

Now, it is possible that the “personal demonstration” is not quite as personal as it may sound. They may have a mannequin set up for just this uniquely specialized purpose, or perhaps they have a hapless intern who drew the short straw and became the designated “demo boy.” I do not know, and really do not intend to find out.

Ironically, it is an area that might be of interest to the workers’ compensation community. Incontinence is an issue for some people in comp, either as a direct or secondary result of a workplace related injury or illness. I will be focusing some of my time in the Health & Wellness area of CES2019, and I might actually end up stopping by that booth. 

I just don’t think I’ll be shaking anybody’s hand while I’m there.


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