I’m leaving for two weeks’ vacation next week. It will be the longest vacation I’ve taken since starting this company 19 years ago. I’m not sure I will be able to handle it. I am actually speaking at a couple conferences during that time, but that will only occupy a couple of days during those weeks. It was the location of one of those presentations, Anchorage, AK, that prompted my wife and me to take this time off.

We’ve never been to Alaska before, and this gives me the opportunity to visit my 49thstate. Only Hawaii remains on my US travel wish list.

I’m generally not very good at vacationing. I didn’t take one for several years when we first started WorkersCompensation.com. My wife thinks I am a workaholic. I just think when you love what you do for a living, it is hard to remember that you still occasionally need a break from it. I probably got that from my father, who at the age of 98 still insists on going to work every day.

While I am gone, my blog will feature several of my posts from the archives. I’ve had a bit of fun trying to decide which ones we should use. It is a bit disturbing, as I’ve discovered some pieces during this review that I did not remember writing.

I did say I don’t do enough vacations, didn’t I?

At any rate, I apologize in advance for the re-runs, but please know I am not being lazy. I am just on vacation. See you in a couple weeks.

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