I’ve never written a post like this, and I am violating a couple personal standards in doing so. I willingly violate them for two reasons; 1) to support a man who has earned my deepest respect, and 2) for the Florida workers’ compensation system that continues to need his service and leadership.

It came to my attention today that there is an effort underway to prevent the reappointment of Judge David Langham to the position of Deputy Chief Judge of the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims. He has been in that position for 17 years. A former workers’ compensation judge has submitted a lengthy objection to the Workers’ Compensation Judicial Nominating Commission. This has prompted a hearing that will take place in Orlando on Monday, February 26, 2018. If the commission elects to not submit his name for reappointment to Governor Rick Scott, then his service will end with his current term.

If you know Florida, and you know David Langham, then you know this can’t happen without a fight. I will not go into the details of the objection before the nominating commission, but instead choose to talk about the man himself.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have come to know David Langham fairly well over the past few years, and consider him a good friend. We have worked together on numerous projects, the latest being our Hot Seat webinar series. Perhaps I am biased, but I am confident those who know him will agree.

In my experience, David Langham is more than an honest and ethical person. He has been a leader who has dramatically impacted the workers’ comp system in Florida. His vision and balanced perspective are perfect for the tempest that his position must often encounter and endure. He is, in reality, something of a paradox; simultaneously one of the most brilliant yet humble men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Judge Langham’s influence, however, doesn’t stop at our state boundaries. Nationally he is a noted and respected thought leader, whose sage advice and keen observations reach far beyond our little corner of the country. Trust me, there are numerous organizations across our nation who have benefited greatly from the selfless work and effort he has provided. I would hope that they will also speak up and defend a man who is not deserving of the challenge laid before him.

I speak with Judge Langham fairly often, yet he has never mentioned this challenge to his position. I learned of it from someone, who, like me, has tremendous respect for him. We are encouraging everyone who supports Judge David Langham to let their opinion be heard and email a letter of support today.

The Workers’ Compensation Judicial Nominating Commission needs to hear from those of us who know what a positive impact this man has had.

Here is where I make my personal rule violations. I normally don’t issue a “call to action” and ask people to speak out on a topic. And I do not normally publish people’s email addresses, but for this matter I am. I will remove them from this article after the hearing on Monday.

Please, keep your messages short and to the point. Lengthy diatribes will likely not be read.

Concentrate on his impact and influence on Florida workers’ comp. That is what the commission will be making their decision on.

Keep your message positive and professional. These folks are just doing their job, and simply need to know how the community feels.

I suggest putting “I Support Judge David Langham” in the subject line of your email. That way, even if the email isn’t completely reviewed, the message will come across.

Lastly, don’t delay. The hearing is Monday. The time to act is now.

Update: The emails have been removed from this post in accordance with the original information provided.

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