Ok, it really isn’t a blooper reel, but it certainly may be a harbinger of things to come. We have been busy preparing for the inaugural episode of the “Hot Seat”, a webinar designed to provide valuable information for the workers’ compensation community in a lively and entertaining format. The Hot Seat will not use PowerPoints or pre-written, canned presentations, but will rather consist of conversation and impromptu exchange over important topics facing the workers’ comp industry. The first episode, “Opioids and Formularies, Going to Pot?”, will premiere on September 29, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern. My co-host in this endeavor, Judge David Langham and I will engage our first two guests, Prium’s Mark “RxProfessor” Pew, and Texas Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Ryan Brannan over the trends and impact medical marijuana will bring to our industry.

Now, the tagline of the Hot Seat is “Unedited, Unscripted, and Unrehearsed. The Way Webinars Were Intended To Be.” While we absolutely intend to hold to that mantra, and the guests have not been provided any advance notice of the questions we intend to ask, we did need to conduct a “technical check” to ensure that our presenters equipment and networks were compatible with our webinar platform. Unfortunately, Judge Langham, busy, busy man that he is, was not able to join us for the momentous occasion.

It is a shame, because with Pew and Brannan as guests, he missed a raucous 30-minute tech check.

We are releasing just a couple minutes of that effort, to give potential viewers an idea of the format and interaction they might expect. I should note that Mr. Pew had just undergone a minor medical procedure (he denies all rumors, started by me, that it was a nose job). We also engage in a discussion related to “being near Austin”. That referred to the Texas DWC conference in Georgetown, in which both Pew and I were scheduled to speak. I missed that event due to Hurricane Irma, and Pew ended up speaking for both of us. Literally.

You can watch the “blooper reel” below. We encourage you to register here for this free event. The participants are knowledgeable and personable, and audience input will be accepted. It should be a lot of fun.

Or, as Commissioner Brannan noted, it could be a train wreck; which in a perverse manner, may still be fun to watch.

Register here now. Seats are limited!

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