As I wrote earlier in the week, I will be at the 69th Annual WCI Conference in Orlando next week. One of the sessions I will be involved with is the traditional bloggers panel that has become a staple at many of these events. Except this year will be anything but traditional. The three bloggers scheduled, Safety National’s Mark Walls, Prium’s Mark “RxProfessor” Pew and I have made the bold (and possibly idiotic) decision to open the floor and let the audience determine the topics.

Yep. No restrictions. Anything goes. It is going to be improv night for the bloggers panel.

We’ve decided it is time for the attendees to determine what is important, and what should be discussed. It’s never been done before. So, we encourage you to attend our session, and take a shot at setting the stage for conversation.

The session will be Tuesday, August 8th from 1:15 to 2:15PM in Grand Ballroom 8A of the Orlando Marriott World Center.

Unless, of course, you hate us and just want to make us look stupid. If that is your deal than the session will be 9:00PM Wednesday at a Denny’s in Kissimmee. Arrive early for a better seat, and before they run out of pie.

For the rest of you I know that appears like a very clever ruse to throw off our detractors, but you fundamentally understand that we do not need them in order to look stupid. We are capable of producing that outcome entirely on our own. But nevertheless, on Tuesday you can help us in the effort. I can’t tell you what the result will be, but I can almost assure you it will be entertaining.

See you Tuesday in Orlando.

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