It’s not every day a company has an Assistant Manager shot during a robbery. It is probably even more rare when that Assistant Manager is indicted 5 years later for helping plan and participate in the robbery in which he was shot.

But that is just what happened to Walmart.

A former Walmart assistant manager has just been indicted on federal charges that he took part in a staged robbery of $400,000 from his Baltimore area store in 2012. It was a plot that included having him shot in the arm.

Seems a bit extreme. If I plotted something such as that, I would’ve probably had my criminal cohorts slap me, or muss my hair, or say mean things about my shoes. I’m sure that would’ve been enough to establish the illusion of innocence.

The indictment unsealed last Friday alleges that the manager, Ansar Ali Younis, was part of a group that planned the early-morning robbery on Nov. 14, 2012. One of his co-conspirators, Mohammed Altashy, entered the store at about 4:00AM and “confronted” Younis, who was acting as the night manager. He then apparently “loudly” announced a robbery.

He was armed, and forced Younis to empty the cash from the safe. He then forced Younis outside, where he shot the manager in the right arm.

So, we have an employee that has experienced what was probably believed at the time to be a compensable claim. We can only assume that Walmart spent a significant sum on his medical expenses, and quite possibly more for any wages he may have lost from the event.  It is unfortunate that the loss appears to be the result of an inside job, and that any money spent on benefits is now, like the missing $400,000, “in the wind.”

It would have saved so much money just to have his buddy muss his hair in a believably threatening manner.

What makes this even more ludicrous is that prosecutors say that Altashy divided up the proceeds with a third unidentified person and delivered Younis’ share to him while he was still in Prince George’s County Hospital. That had to be an interesting discussion. “Dude, I know it was the plan, but I’m sorry I had to shoot you in the arm. Maybe it would’ve been better if I’d criticized your ugly ass shoes. Here is your $133,333. Do you want me to leave it on this chair, or with your crap in the closet?”

Talk about prompt service. I wonder if that made it into the hospitals patient asset inventory. Should’ve raised an eyebrow or two. “Mr. Younis, you are being discharged. Please sign here for your personal belongings. Pair of pants, one. Newly ventilated shirt, one. One watch, one wallet. One pair of ugly ass shoes. Car keys. And $133,333 in small, unmarked bills. Please sign here.”

Even though this dumbass was (allegedly) stupid enough to agree to be shot in the arm, he was still apparently smarter than his supposed accomplice. Authorities say Manager Younis has left the country, while gunman Altashy is in custody.

That just has to burn a bit. That is what he gets for not just mussing the guy’s hair.

So, this story goes to show that companies can be burned more than once by just one illegal action. Walmart should just be glad this didn’t happen in Illinois. If it had, they might have to keep paying those benefits, no matter where the guy is or what he’s been convicted of…..

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