There has never been a better time to recognize top performance in the workers' compensation industry than this next week. One program designed to recognize top informational talent for the industry closes nominations just 9 days from today, on the 31st of March. Another program, designed to recognize and celebrate those people in comp that go “above and beyond”, just opened nominations yesterday. The unintentional overlap gives those in workers' comp the best opportunity ever to celebrate positive impact on our industry.'s Best Blogs program has been accepting nominations to recognize the community's best bloggers since March 1st. While we have seen many nominations, a relatively small group of blogs have received a significant number of them. There are, in my humble opinion, many good blogs out there that have not yet been submitted for consideration. You have just over one week to make sure your favorite writers are represented before the judges. And bloggers, don't be shy about nominating yourselves. You may submit Best Blog nominations here.

And out on the left coast our friends at workcompcentral have announced that nominations for the 5th Annual Comp Laude™ Awards are now open. The Comp Laude™ Awards recognize integrity and excellence in the workers' compensation industry. Their goal is to highlight the positive stories that are happening in workers' compensation. They are encouraging industry professionals to nominate individuals or companies that have set themselves apart by demonstrating excellence and positivity.

Nominations for the Comp Laude Awards will run through mid-summer. You may submit Comp Laude nominations here (you will be required to register first).

While these two programs have different goals, the underlying principles are essentially the same. Despite the spate of bad press and controversial stories that have hit our industry in the past couple years, David Depaolo and I believe that “within the mayhem” there are good people accomplishing some very amazing things. Whether a blogger or claims manager, vocational counselor or an injured worker who refuses to let an impairment define their future, people should be recognized for their work within an industry that is so crucial to a healthy economy. By highlighting the “best of the best”; the heroes of workers' comp, we are signaling to all the possibilities of what could be, while showing that the status quo can be better than it is.

The window is closing on one opportunity. The other will close sooner than you think. Don't hesitate. Take a few moments to recognize those who both aspire and inspire to a better world. 

Once again, You may submit Best Blog nominations here, and you may submit Comp Laude nominations here.

Thank you.

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