If you have been preparing to make the trek to the industry annual national workers' comp sojourn in Las Vegas, it has likely been a fairly hectic time. You no doubt have been inundated with event invitations, “Visit us in Booth XXXX” postcards, and emails from people who would love to meet with you in order to sell you their latest and greatest whatever it is they happen to be carrying this month.

I am simply attempting here to pile on with one more thing you can do while you are at the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference at Mandalay Bay. You can visit the Kids' Chance Booth and learn more about this terrific charitable organization that is making such a difference in thousands of children's lives. I will be working that booth between 10AM and Noon on Thursday, November 12th. I would encourage you to stop by and say hello.

Or tell me I'm a jerk. Whatever. As long as you have the chance to learn more about Kids' Chance, I am good to go. Plus, I'll be able to give you some personal details on some pretty exciting news related to KC and my home state of Florida – but more on that later….

For those of you unaware, Kids' Chance of America was established for the purpose of creating, assisting, and supporting Kids' Chance organizations throughout the United States and other similar programs that provide educational opportunities and scholarships for the children of workers seriously injured or killed on the job. There are currently over 30 states that have Kids' Chance organizations.

Please stop by the Kids' Chance booth while in Las Vegas. It is #142. Safe travels and we will see you there.

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