Technically, as I write this I am not in Dana Point. Rather, I am on a plane bound for Dana Point and the annual California Workers’ Compensation and Risk Conference that is running from today through October 2nd. I am scheduled to appear on a bloggers panel this Thursday.

I’ve done numerous “National Bloggers” panels over the years, and this one, while similar in concept will be slightly different than previous versions. I will be joining seasoned blogger panel regulars Mark Walls, who is moderating, and David Depaolo. Many will realize that Depaolo and I are virtually “un-moderatable” (ok, I know that is not a word, but the friendly Southwest flight attendant has not yet brought my coffee. We’ll have to deal with it). We will also have joining us two national panel newbies, as it were. Michael Gavin, with Prium and Thomas Robinson of LexisNexis will be joining us on the dais. 

I expect that the focus of the session will be largely centered on California reforms and the need to reform the previous reforms. However, trends and issues from across the nation will no doubt be broached. The addition of Gavin will provide a strong voice for medical/pharmaceutical concerns, and Robinson will be an excellent round out along with (some would say counterbalance to) Depaolo regarding the legal/legislative view. As usual, I have no idea why I am there. 

The dynamic of the panel might be interesting this year. I expect Gavin and Robinson will bring a certain sedate professionalism to the session that should present an interesting spectacle. Attendees may get to watch them trying to keep their hair dry and shoes clean while David and I are rolling around in the mud and cannonballing into the pool. It will be a challenge, but I suspect we will quickly be able to bring them down to our level, which should make for an entertaining hour. 

Dana Point, located in Orange County, is a great backdrop for a workers’ compensation conference. Held at the St. Regis Resort on the Pacific Ocean, it is a beautiful location; one of the best in the nation for the larger industry conferences. This will be my second time speaking there, and I am looking forward to the opportunity. If you are not attending this year, you may want to add it to next years planned events.

And if you are attending the conference, I would encourage you to attend our panel. Our session is scheduled for 3:40 Thursday, and we will apparently be taking questions from the audience. While you should ask pertinent questions about legitimate topics that concern you, know this; I’ll pay 5 bucks to the first person who asks Depaolo about who does his hair. 

See you in sunny southern Cal.


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