If you live on the west coast of Florida, there is a better than average chance you've heard of Les McCurdy. For over twenty-five years, his operation, McCurdy's Comedy Club, has brought top name talent to Sarasota. Les has great connections in the industry. Larry the Cable Guy gives Les credit for helping start his career as the alter ego Larry. The first time he performed the Character on stage was at McCurdy's. Additionally, Les is just a nice and genuinely funny guy.

And the annual charity Roast that I chair gets to toast his fanny on his 60th birthday.

I've written previously about the Sertoma Sarasota Celebrity Roast. I have had the great honor of being the “Roastmaster” for this event, and we've skewered Sheriff's, Senators, College Presidents and more. But this year; this year will be different. Roasting a comedian, who is drawing some of the top talent in the region for his roasting panel, will be a bit daunting. Not to mention damn funny.

Currently the following people have signed on as Roasters for the night:

Ken Sons: Ken has been touring the country for over 30 years. He has been seen on Showtime and appeared in concert with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Valarie Storm: A Fort Myers native, Valarie has performed in some of the best comedy clubs across the country becoming one of the most requested by clubs and audiences alike. This has led to being invited to both the Boston Comedy Festival and the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. She has made several appearances on The Bob & Tom Show and currently travel's the world entertaining on several different Cruise Lines.

Tim Wilkins: TV and radio personality, speaker and writer, Tim has performed on stages around the world. Currently he is the face of MOR TV in Tampa and he also been seen nationally on HBO, ESPN2, Fox Sports, and The Daily Buzz.

Tim Moffett: Tim's comedy career as “Tim the Dairy Farmer” began with Les McCurdy at McCurdy's Comedy Club nearly fifteen years ago. Tim travels the U.S. and Canada performing at agricultural related events, county fairs, and even family reunions. Tim's true passions in life are farming, eating beef jerky and making people laugh.  He hopes to someday get the sport of “cow chip throwing” into the Olympics.

The Roast will be on Les' 60th birthday, October 27, 2015 at the Sarasota Hyatt Regency, here in Sarasota, FL. I will be writing more about this as the date approaches, but wanted to give a heads up to those in the area. This event will sell out quickly, and it will be an extremely funny night. We are in the process of launching an entirely new website for the Roast, and tickets will be on sale soon. Watch for them!

For more information go to www.SarasotaRoast.com.

Thank you for indulging me…..

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