I’m headed home today from AASCIF 2015, and hopefully I’ll have time on the plane to start putting some of my thoughts into written form. This was, without a doubt, a “leadership vision conference” that surpassed anything I’ve seen before – anywhere. In the interim, however, I would like you to take a look at the promotion video for next year’s conference in Salt Lake City, hosted by Utah’s Workers’ Compensation Fund.

At the end of every AASCIF Conference, the host for the following year’s event gives a brief presentation and shows a video highlighting the location. This year’s video, created by WCF, was terrific.

I have a lot of respect when corporate leaders are willing to break the mold, and put themselves out there in unique or humorous situations. This is especially true when that leader is a CEO. You cannot help but like someone who has the ability to make a bit of fun of himself, or place himself in a dress, for that matter. WCF CEO Ray Pickup did just that, and the results were pretty good. The video is short, and pay attention to the wardrobe. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Plus – they introduce a couple powerful speakers already scheduled for the event. Looks like another strong leadership conference is in the works….

AASCIF 2016 will be held July 24 – 27, 2016. The website is http://www.aascif2016.com.

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