This past year has been a tough one for the workers' compensation industry, particularly in the realm of the press and public opinion. The ProPublica/NPR stories, released simultaneously with a highly critical OSHA report solely focused on displaying all that is bad in workers' comp, were a big psychological hit on the industry.

No one is arguing that ProPublica or OSHA made up false stories about the industry, and in fact the publications have prompted a needed look inward to identify and fix the shortcomings highlighted. However, there seems to be a sense that the entire story is not being told, and that good things happen within the industry that no one ever gets to hear, and that no media organization is willing to talk about. The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) would like to do something about that point, and they are asking for your help in accomplishing the task.

The IAIABC is offering unique speaking opportunities at their 101st Convention in Chicago later this year, in something called the Ignite series. Ignite is an event of short talks, with a twist.  Speakers get seven minutes and 28 slides to make their point, enlighten, and entertain. Ignite is a platform perfectly designed to feature industry professionals from a variety of personal and educational backgrounds.  

Ignite presentations will take place during the IAIABC 101st Convention on Wednesday, September 2 from 1:15– 2:00 PM.

In short order, if you have an inspiring story rooted in workers' comp, the IAIABC wants to hear from you.

They have assembled a short list of brainstorm questions that might help potential presenters discover the perfect story for an Ignite session:

  • Has an injured worker inspired you? Share the story.
  • What is the most challenging workers ‘compensation claim you have ever seen? Share the outcome.
  • Have you seen employers change their attitudes and programs for safety? Share why.
  • How many people has workers' compensation benefited?
  • Think the media got it wrong? Help set the record straight.

The deadline to submit a story is July 3, 2015, and only 5 speakers will be selected. If you are interested, if you have a positive story to share, then the IAIBC wants to know about it.

Those interested can find more information and submit an idea form on the IAIABC web site here.

Despite what some people would have the world believe, there is much good done by our industry. No one will know that, however, if we do not tell them. It is up to us to ignite that further conversation.

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