I posted a video a couple days ago that was produced by SAIF Corporation to promote proper ergonomics. Called “Go Ergo”, the video, performed in rap, is the lead off effort of an ergonomics program of the same name being promoted by the carrier.

I really did not make an effort to applaud or criticize the work; although I did distinctly state that I am not a fan of rap. Quite the opposite.  The article was a tongue in cheek look at a tongue in cheek effort.

The comments being posted regarding the video are widely varied, and seem to have veered off into some perverse argument about how many minorities work at the company and where they may be located. One comment, however, really stood out to me, and has prompted this brief follow up.

One person, under the title “Was that Elaine dancing?”, wrote, “The dance moves of Shannon Rickard, SAIF’s VP of Legal and HR, reminded me of Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld. Shannon should cling to her day job.”

That comment was just mean, quite frankly, and entirely inappropriate (and I've had a lot of experience with inappropriateness – much of it self-inflicted).

I did not recognize Ms. Rickard when I first viewed the video, and had to review it a couple times to figure out which performer she was. I don't see the Elaine comparison, but I also wanted to make a bigger point.

To be in a leadership position such as the one Ms. Rickard is in and agree to participate in a project like this takes moxie, and to me demonstrates a quality probably lacking in some other SAIF leaders that have been the point of great discussion this past year. In fact, the fallout from the entire Plotkin controversy that has enveloped SAIF makes her willingness to step out and participate even more significant. What she did takes guts, and is the sign of a true leader.

Take that example and run with it folks.

As for the video, I hate to admit it but it seems to be growing on me. It does show imagination, and certainly can get peoples attention. Heck, I might even be secretly rooting for the program to win in one of the communication award categories at AASCIF this July in San Francisco.

But I still detest rap.

SAIF made some colossal errors last year. The self inflicted injuries will take time to heal. Clearly I have indicated my belief that they are not out of the woods yet, having published some serious questions about the CEO selection process.  Inside sources tell me the final five candidates do reflect some quality options not specifically tied to Oregon. We all wait with baited breath to see if they ultimately make the right decision or not. You'll have my opinion on it either way.

But inside SAIF there appear to be some positive efforts being made. It would be unfair of us to ignore that. Perhaps the commenter was right. Shannon Rickard should cling to her day job. From my perspective that is exactly where she may be needed.

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