I have to warn you. I feel a rant coming on. My conservative, politically INcorrect side just can’t bear it anymore. I have to say something, and I sense my wording will be offensive to some; especially if you are an entitlement weenie.

You can’t say you were not warned. Sorry about your right to never be offended.

Last week some small minded idget exemplified the intellectual power of the twittersphere by tweeting out about a new job she was supposed to start the following day. Specifically, she tweeted “Ew, I start this f*** ass job tomorrow”. The words were followed by 7 “thumbs down” icons. Her soon to be new and former employer, the owner of a pizza shop in Mansfield, TX, got wind of the tweet the following morning, and tweeted her back. He said, “And… no you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

For the employer, it was just his second tweet since setting up his twitter account in 2009. Lucky bastard. He can honestly say that 50% of his tweets have gone viral across the globe.

The young girl, who shall remain nameless on these pages (so that the PC crowd can't accuse me of being a mean online bully of a young and helpless child obviously left behind), has become an instant social media celebrity, and seems to be reveling in her fame. Or at least she was last week. I’m sure the twittersphere has moved on to more pressing and relevant instant celebrities by now. She suddenly has gained thousands of followers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents are slamming the employer for being harsh and unjust.

Some are even recommending she hire a lawyer, as they believe it to be an “unfair termination”.

Are you freaking kidding me!!? An unjust termination from a job she hadn’t even started? As if the employer was just supposed to be happy he had hired a moronic foul mouthed malcontent who was too stupid to keep her idiotic thoughts out of the digital ether? Why would he want someone like that serving his customers? What are these people thinking? Why is the employer the bad guy here?

Some of the entitlement weenies point out they believe she was wronged because she didn't actually identify her new f** ass employer. So what? She certainly displayed an attitude I would never accept in my business. He had every right to rescind his offer, even if he didn't word it in that way.

The tagline for this famous new Twit-head says, “i love all my bitches, ain’t got no main”. Apparently she ain’t got no spell or grammar check either.

The reality is that this young woman may not be an entitlement weenie. She very well just may be some blithering dunderhead who takes every feeble thought that passes through her vacuous mind and spews them out for all to see. No, the entitlement weenies are the idiots who think that she has somehow been wronged, and is entitled to some type of compensation from a job she never had. These people think they are owed the world, and apparently their universe starts on Twitter. It must be a bitch demanding everything in 140 character increments.

The employer, for his part, probably shouldn't have taken the fight to the internet. He probably should have handled the situation in a more private, professional manner. I am hesitant to criticize him too much, however, because quite frankly, “there but for the grace of God go I”. I can see myself doing the exact same thing (as hard as that is for you to believe). I support the guy, and know where I am having pizza next time I'm in the Dallas area.

I don't care what the f*** ass entitlement weenies think.

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