It must be November, because I am going to be yet another year older; and I am once again headed to Las Vegas. Next week is the 23rd Annual National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference, being held November 19th thru 21st at Mandalay Bay. It is the annual sojourn that many of us make to interact, learn and kibitz with friends and colleagues within our industry.

My company is a Gold Sponsor of this event, and I have made no secret of my belief that it is one of the best annual events for the industry.  I could also say that this conference aged me – literally – as for many years it always seemed to fall on my birthday. This year it is a week after the fact, so it will miss that ignominious designation. Still, I will be on the road this week, keeping my decade long streak of not celebrating birthdays at home intact. You see, I believe by missing your birthday, you will never get older. My wife's continuing assertions that she lives with a ten year old are proof that this theory works.

Someone apparently forgot to tell that to my body, however.

Nevertheless, the National Conference is once again upon us. For the third year in a row, I will get to participate in a National Bloggers Panel with my friends Mark Walls, Rebecca Shafer, Dave Depaolo and Joe Paduda. This is always a fun event, and if you are attending the conference I encourage you to attend our session, held Thursday from 3:45 to 5:00PM.

There will also be great General Sessions, and the 5 breakout session tracks will offer something for everyone; Claims Management, Medical Management, Program Management, Disability Management and Legal/Regulatory Issues.

I will of course be writing about what I learn there, and we will also be publishing entries provided by the good folks at Safety National through their Conference Chronicles blog.  If you cannot attend this year, we will make sure you know what was discussed.

And you will be able to count on what we tell you. After all, I will be a year older, and commensurately wiser.

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