This morning finds me headed to Chicago, for yet another seminar produced by the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN). This year the group reports an expected record attendance, with almost 300 people registered for the event.

I’ve written about the NWCDN seminars on numerous occasions. They are taking on a fraternal feel for me, as they consistently draw regular repeat attendees who have come to rely on them for quality presentations and excellent information. The result is an opportunity to catch up with many friends and customers, as we have all come to expect seeing one another at these semi-annual gatherings. 

And since it is free, you simply cannot beat the price.

This year the organizers appear to have assembled an excellent agenda, starting with a look at big data and predictive modeling and continuing through a variety of topics from there. The end session, Narcotics Overuse Issues, will take a unique look at counseling the injured worker who relies on narcotic pain medication, as well as changing prescription practices of prescribing physicians. 

You can see the full agenda here.

One of the big attractions for many employers who attend NWCDN is that they do so at the invitation of their defense counsel. This gives a unique opportunity for education and long term strategy corroboration with the people that represent them in the trenches, all in a friendly and relaxed environment. It really has become a popular event for these folks, and it is probably one of the most effective seminar strategies employed in our industry today.

I look forward to attending the reception this evening and the sessions tomorrow, and to reporting back on what transpires this year in Chicago. And I’ll try to behave myself 


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