A picture is worth a thousand words, so I am only going to write 300. The picture in question was sent to me last week by an anonymous donor in response to the untimely and unethical termination of SAIF CEO John Plotkin. It is a scan of a photo – actually it appears to be a screenshot from a video – and is rather grainy, but still recognizable. I understand it was part of the internal branding rollout that SAIF went through a number of years ago.

It is a picture taken with humorous intent, which viewed anywhere but through the condemning lenses of SAIF's PC police would not even raise an eyebrow. It shows former SAIF CEO Brenda Rocklin branding the derriere of a subordinate. The person who sent the photo told me who the subordinate is, and that he is a “good guy”, so I will refrain from identifying him here.

This is the picture:

As I mentioned, this photo, viewed anywhere but through the condemning lenses of SAIF's PC police, would not even raise an eyebrow. But here is the deal. It didn't even raise an eyebrow with the SAIF PC police.

Can anyone detect a possible double standard here?

A note to John Plotkin's attorneys: If you have not yet done so, a public records request asking for any and all photos and videos of Brenda Rocklin may be in order.

Let me be pointedly clear: A picture of the CEO pretending to brand the ass of a white, over 40, male subordinate with an ostensibly red hot poker is okey-dokey, hunky-dory, A-OK.

But asking a highly educated professional who happens to be a “person of color” to use common language that non-actuaries can understand is racist, bigoted and deserving of immediate termination.

Wow. Just wow.

Update: A full color version of this photo was emailed to me after this article was posted. You may view it here.


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